Postdoctoral Fellow Opening

Post Doc Job Summary

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute is an interdisciplinary institution dedicated to conducting basic, clinical and translational research on conditions and diseases that affect children, and is part of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania research community.

A Postdoctoral position in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Biology is available in the laboratory of Peter Kurre, M.D., at the Comprehensive Center for Bone Marrow Failure. The Laboratory has longstanding expertise in hematopoietic stem cell biology and has actively investigated stem cell losses in Fanconi Anemia (FA) for over a decade. Ongoing work is focused on fetal stem cell losses in murine models of FA and their contribution to the stem cell exhaustion and leukemogenesis that are a hallmark of FA. Investigations will involve a wide range of methods in stem cell and molecular biology, imaging and bioinformatics. The postdoctoral fellow will, under the direction/guidance of a mentor, Peter Kurre, MD, assume responsibility for a specific, on-going research project.

The successful candidate will be highly motivated and creative. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are critical. Scrupulous attention to detail, excellent record keeping, and the ability to work independently in an expanding dynamic workgroup are essential. Candidates must have a recent Ph.D., D.V.M, or M.D./Ph.D. in the biological sciences. Experience with mammalian cell culture, basic molecular and cell biology techniques are requirements, flow-cytometry, and mouse models are desirable. The position is funded by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, with an understanding that the applicant will compete for trainee funding as part of their own career development.

The successful candidate will thrive in a multi-disciplinary, collaborative team to extend, refine and enhance skills necessary for professional and career development, and broaden his/her scientific background by acquiring new research capabilities. It is expected that this individual will conduct independent scholarly research, and will contribute directly to the overall research goals of the project and the research group. Postdocs will participate in project planning, recording and interpretation/evaluation of data, and communication of results. The candidate will acquire critical technical and lab management skills for their own career, and to become proficient at manuscript/grant writing. The successful candidate will participate in seminars, lectures, poster sessions and presentations at national meetings. Postdoctoral fellows also will participate in the supervision of junior lab members, develop new methods and protocols for research, and assist with the development of other research projects in the lab.
Postdoctoral fellows at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia receive mentored training in a premier scientific and collaborative environment that includes extensive resources of the adjacent University of Pennsylvania.

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Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct independent scholarly research and develop new methods and protocols
  • Participate in project planning, recording and evaluation of data
  • Acquire technical, lab management and grant writing skills
  • Participate in seminars, lectures, poster sessions and presentation at national meetings
  • Supervise junior lab members
  • Assist with other research projects

Required Education and Experience

  • A terminal degree PhD, MD, DVM, etc.

According to the CMS (Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services) a copy of diploma or transcript is required as proof of academic achievement for all non-laboratory personnel performing non-waived POC testing