Olson Clinical Trial #6

Eltrombopag Study (#17-014047, NCT03025698) A Phase II, open-label, non-controlled, intra-patient dose-escalation study to characterize the pharmacokinetics after oral administration of Eltrombopag in pediatric patients with refractory, relapsed or treatment naïve severe aplastic anemia or recurrent aplastic anemia (Novartis)

Type Prospective Clinical Trial (Olson Site PI)

Status: Enrollment to begin January 2019

Description: The primary objective of this study is to characterize the PK of eltrombopag after oral administration, in patients with previously untreated SAA or who have refractory/relapsed SAA (Cohort B), or who have recurrent AA after treatment with IST for SAA (Cohort A).

Research Topic: