Millicent, Mentor and Inspiration

Photo of Millicent MurrayA stalwart of the CBMFC program, Millicent has been a Program member since 2011 and Fiscal Manager since 2015. We all know she is a hardcore Eagles fan, but not everyone knows about the true breadth of Millicent’s interests beyond her responsibilities to the CBMFC and Peds Hem/Onc Fellowship programs:  CHOP Bioresponse Team member, CHOP Multicultural Professional Network member and Spark Mentor.

CHOP has been a longstanding partner for the Spark Mentor Program and Millicent has worked with Middle School students who visit once a week to develop skills, and learn from mentors about schooling and career paths. Millicent has successfully volunteered for Spark for the last three years, and we have seen her meet with her small cohort of students on Thursdays.

Turns out her success as an inspiring mentor found more validation: We just learned that she was selected as a Spark MVP for the Mentor All Star Awards! Spark MVPs are outstanding mentors who have been selected by company leaders and Spark staff to be recognized at the annual Awards event on Thursday April 18th (5-7pm).

This is a great honor and due recognition for a fantastic CBMFC team member.