AAP National Conference and Exhibition – Abstract Accepted (Poster)
"Towards Precision Medicine in Acquired and Inherited Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes," has been accepted for poster presentation by the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition. Authors: Hartung H, Babushok D, Perdigones N, Juan Carlos P, Jacquelyn R, Timothy O, Biegel J, Paessler M, Mason P, Bessler M.

Recent Publications from the BMF Team
Babushok VD, Bessler M. Genetic Predisposition Syndromes: When Should They Be Considered In The Work-up of MDS? Best Clinical Practice & Research in Haematology 2014 in press. NIHMS 645334.

Pesciotta EN, Sriswasdi S, Tang HY, Mason PJ, Bessler M. Dysferin and other non-red cell proteins accumulate in the red cell membrane of diamond-blackfan anemia patients. PloS One. 2014 January 14; 9(1):e85504. PMCID: PMC3891812

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